High-Rise Applications: Viridian Gearless Series

A smoother riding experience has been achieved by constructing the position/speed control with 2-degrees of freedom. This done through a closed-loop system, where the encoder signals are fed back, simultaneously controlling response and suppression of outside disturbances.

For elevator projects servicing 20 floors and above, Fujitec’s PM03, PM04 and FM450 are the traction work horses for Fujitec’s Permanent Magnet GearLess (PMGL) series. Depending on speed, capacity and the number of floors serviced, Fujitec’s PMGL series will fulfill any specification need your project requires.


Veridian controller interior

Viridian Controller


PM 03 Machine

Gearless Machine: up to 4500(lb) & 400-800(fps)


PM 04 Machine

Gearless Machine: 4500-7000(lb) & 150-1400(fps)


FM 450 Machine

Gearless Machine: 7000-9900(lb) & 246-1574(fps)