New Construction

Fujitec’s core commitment is providing SPECIALIZED and CUSTOM customer solutions crafted with safety, quality, reliability and comfort.

Depending on the speed and capacity needs of your system, the following table provides a guideline to Fujitec’s recommended machine type application. Fujitec can modify each to provide the most energy efficient solution possible.


High Rise

13+ stories & designed to order. Viridian Gearless series.


Mid Rise

5-25 stories. Viridian MRL/Geared series


Low Rise

2-5 stories. COMING SOON... QS MRL

Destination Dispatch

Destination Dispatching

2-99 stories. Improve traffic flow, security and cosmetic appeal. Ez Shuttle

Escalator Escalators in a mall

Fujitec’s GS8000 Escalator Series

Moving Walkway

Auto walk at an airport

Fujitec’s GS8100 Autowalk Series

Above & Beyond

Project Engineering

Each project is assigned an internal team of mechanical and electrical engineers. To maximize efficiency, these divisions collaborate to provide the most efficient use of space and resources for your specific needs.

Layout & Design

Fujitec assigns layout & design specialists for individual modernization and new construction projects. Teams work closely with engineering to maximize the utilization of space and to determine necessary resources.

System Evaluation

Whether you are considering a new maintenance provider or need a second opinion on the condition of your system, Fujitec can provide recommendations on products, capital expenditures.