Fujitec’s North American Modernization Operations (NAMO) is the industry leader in system modernizations for Fujitec and OEM/third-party equipment. Each modernization is assigned a team of internal engineers and layout specialists to ensure every recommendation meets or exceeds Fujitec’s standard for safety, quality and mandated code requirements.

Fujitec’s North American Modernization Operations (NAMO)

NAMO audits existing systems to provide recommendations that work within your existing budget at a baseline level, while educating you on ways to further improve the value and anticipated life of your system from advancements or newly developed technologies.

On-Site Engineering Capabilities: National Mobile Support

Specialized in Fujitec, major OEM and independent providers Industry’s most comprehensive and specialized solution for all modernizations Mobile NAMO division capable of on-site engineering, installation and technical support.

Hydraulic MOD

Hydro Pit with workers

Low-rise MOD applications can range from hydraulic to MRL replacements.

Mid-Rise MOD

Galleria Mid-Rise building

Mid-Rise Modernizations offer a number of flexible and green-friendly solutions which include advanced permanent magnet machinery and re-generative drives.

High-Rise MOD

West End High-Rise building

For many high-rise applications, buildings look to increase safety, reliability, comfort, speed and aesthetics. Fujitec's engineering team provides the most comprehensive solutions to your project.

Escalator/Moving Walkway MOD

Escalator close up

Fujitec has worked to engineer an escalator and autowalk modernization that is more environmentally friendly. With the ability to re-use the original truss, Fujitec saves you time and expenses while re-purposing components to lessen the environmental footprint.