Networks of Tools

Service Technicians

Our dedicated team of service technicians are highly-trained on a wide variety of equipment, take pride in customer service and quickly respond to any unexpected circumstance.

What you get with Fujitec’s Service Technicians:

  • Lowest level of dedicated hours per technician (Preventative Maintenance)
  • Best-trained technicians in the industry
  • Consistent and reliable service
  • Responsive service - always
  • Minimal to no callbacks
  • High attention to detail
  • Customized solutions
  • No hassle service

Maintenance Task Checklist

Fujitec’s Service Technicians are required to complete certain Maintenance tasks on predetermined frequencies to ensure critical tasks are not overlooked and a thorough service plan is followed.  These tasks are automatically programmed to appear on the Fujitec Technicians’ personal hand held device on the first of the month they are to be performed. Different tasks are required at varying points throughout the year and each task must be completed and verified by the Technician and the Supervisor responsible for overseeing Service Operations. A few of these tasks include inspect and service car and counterweight roller guides, inspect and service hoistway equipment, change gear oil, test safety devices and clean hoistway and sills, just to name a few.

Personal Hand Held Device / Real-time Communications 

Fujitec’s on-site technicians utilize custom hand held software to maintain and report task lists, task status, time and costs. Important information instantly becomes available to you, our technicians and management. 

Vision™ Software and Customer Service Portal

Not only does Fujitec America’s proprietary Vision ™ Software streamline and manage our work and business process, the internal benefit also extends to you, our customer. With Vision ™, we can provide you with an  unprecedented ability to stay fully informed of the work being performed for you.  A managed process is a visible process and at Fujitec we provide you with an exceptional ability to stay fully informed of the work being done for you.

From contract status to performance parameters and history, you can easily navigate through critical data and information. You can create custom report formats with just the click of a mouse. This unique software allows off-site access to information about all of your elevator, escalator and moving walk systems.

Some Vision ™ benefits include:

  • Knowledge-based maintenance programs, specifically matched to your exact needs.
  • A full history of key account information and work activity.
  • Internet-based access to key performance history and account records, available 24/7.
  • Task-based dispatch of all critical maintenance activities for maximum use of resources.
  • The ability to provide customized reports, on demand or as scheduled, providing information in the specific format you need it.

Fujitec has the ability to customize and generate reports based on your specific needs. From experience, high-quality, detailed reports that provide customers key metric information include:

  • A basic callback report. This could be broken down into callbacks that are outside our control – misuse, abuse, force majeur and within our control – basic malfunction of equipment.
  • Entrapment callback report.
  • Equipment up-time, down-time, etc.
  • Worst unit callback report. This allows tracking of troublesome units.

From your desktop, you are able to use the internet and open the Fujitec Customer Service Portal for a clear view of your project information. Fujitec’s Customer Portal allows you to view important details regarding your account such as precise invoice and payment history, each request for service, summary information about your agreement and much more!


Operations Support Group

To effectively communicate corporate strategies, technological developments and coordination, Fujitec developed the Operations Support Center (OSC). The OSC consists of Fujitec's North America's field engineering group, project management team, public relations department and information systems group that offers support to Fujitec’s sales and service offices located throughout  North America. Fujitec North America's field engineering group is a dedicated training and analysis center located near Cincinnati, OH. The team consists of specialists in elevator systems of all types providing innovative training, simulation, research and trouble-shooting expertise. The field engineering group maintains technical libraries for immediate reference in conversations between highly-skilled technicians and first-class engineers. This integrated structure is directly responsible for supporting Fujitec’s office and field staff in numerous functions such as:

  • estimating, scheduling and coordinating issues,
  • server and network management,
  • corporate communications,
  • foreign equipment development in simulation lab;
  • research / testing at elevator and escalator tower; and
  • special projects,

just to name a few; with complete assurance of product quality, stability and reliability. Furthermore, the OSC allows Fujitec North America to be a more unified company and maintain a reputation for service and performance that is unmatched in today’s industry.

Remote Monitoring 

Our business is about making sure you get to your destination safely and on time. To augment Fujitec’s superior maintenance service, remote monitoring is an innovative service that allows our specialists in Fujitec’s Field Engineering Group to monitor your elevator. Remote monitoring complements our hands-on approach and allows more focus on your elevator. Whether it is our national field engineering using the remote monitoring portal to view the controller, or the control system notifying the Field Engineering Group and the local Fujitec office of any issue, your elevator is being monitored every second of every day.

What does this mean to you?

  • Maximizing your elevator runtime, minimizing service response time
  • National field engineers examining your elevator
  • Redundant back-up support
  • An informed service technician before entering your building 

*remote monitoring available with certain brands.

Service Parts Network

Your  vertical  transportation system’s  performance depends on  the  reliable operation of all  its components. To this end, Fujitec offers one of  the largest service  parts networks  in the  industry. This  network  includes  regional support facilities near New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, as well as Fujitec’s Corporate Service Parts Center near Cincinnati.