Eco-Friendly Options

Viridian Machine-Roomless (MRL) System
Fujitec’s Viridian MRL is one of the most environmentally-friendly elevator systems available on today’s market. Specifically, Viridian MRL incorporates a permanent magnet gearless motor, minimizing energy consumption when compared to traditional geared and hydraulic elevator systems.

Viridian PMGL Machine
This Fujitec global product drastically reduces overall energy usage by utilizing a smaller permanent motor, resulting in energy savings of about 30% when compared to traditional geared technology and about 10% when compared with an induction AC gearless motor application.

Destination Floor Guide System (DFGS)
Fujitec’s innovative DFGS was designed to decrease energy usage. This revolutionary system uses less energy and power, resulting in significant energy savings. The DFGS reduces overall travel time for users in applications at high-traffic facilities. This is achieved through grouping passengers by common destination in order to reduce the number of stops. Thus, trips are shorter and crowds disappear.

IONFUL®, Plasmascluster™ ION Technology
IONFUL® is exclusively licensed to Fujitec by the Sharp Corporation for marketing within the elevator industry. Its inventive technology breaks down and reduces surface proteins of allergens, viruses and airborne molds. Fujitec IONFUL® provides cleaner air for passengers within the elevator cab environment.

Fujitec’s SmartPower represents the latest in digital motor control innovation for escalators and autowalks. SmartPower is the only motor control product that offers dual mode energy that can reduce power consumption by up to 60%.

SmartPower Case Study: JFK International Airport

Original Equipment: Schindler Escalator
Maintenance: Fujitec provided the escalator maintenance service for the AirTrain station at JFK.
Modernization: In Summer 2007, Fujitec installed its SmartPower motor control device.
Result: A 58.74% Kilowatt savings was achieved. The reduced energy costs will pay for upgrade within one year.

DC Gearless with IGBT Drive Technology
The Viridian DC Gearless control system with an IGBT drive reduces energy consumption by 45% over traditional Motor Generator (MG) control systems and 25% over SCR drive systems. This precise technology also provides exceptional ride quality.

LED Car Lighting, Hall Buttons / Lanterns and Fixtures
Adjustable intensity LED-illuminated car lighting decreases heat generation within the cab. LED’s drastically reduce lamp burnout and can achieve power savings of up to 50%.

For further information regarding Fujitec’s Eco-Friendly Options, please contact your local Fujitec sales representative.