How IONFUL® Works

Fujitec’s IONFUL® is a revolutionary air cleaning technology designed to refresh air quality in the cab environment.

This technology can provide cleaner air more efficiently than conventional ventilation systems.

Elevator cabs can be a safe haven for unwanted odors and toxins. Incorporating the Plasmacluster™ Ion generator into the ventilation system of the elevator car can refresh the air similar to the way nature cleans the environment by emitting a balance of positive and negative ions.

The IONFUL® system is designed to treat the air in your elevator car in a manner similar to the way nature cleans the environment, like just after a thunderstorm.

This technology sends Plasmacluster™ Ions into the entire cab through the cab’s ventilation system, effectively restoring the natural balance of ions in the air.

Fujitec IONFUL® is energy efficient and operates in response to movement within the cab, thus producing cleaner and healthier air.