The Best Technology

Fujitec Elevator Monitoring & Information System (EMIS)
Monitor and control all Fujitec elevators in your building from the security desk, engineer’s office, machine rooms, etc. with Fujitec's EMIS computer. Only a mouse is required to navigate the menus to switch between views or select commands such as Parking and Floor Lockouts. More on EMIS...

Fujitec HSA-APEX
HSA-APEX technology is advanced engineering for elevator door openings and closures. This increased processing speed and balanced physical design, which uses fewer moving parts, means the doors operate more quickly and responsively. In an industry in which more than half of all maintenance calls are for door-related issues, HSA-APEX technology represents a significant advancement.

Fujitec Viridian MRL Elevators
Fujitec’s MRL system is one of the most environmentally-friendly elevator systems available in today’s market. This system offers a space-saving design, a wide application range and energy-savings solutions. More on Viridian MRL...

Fujitec Destination Floor Guidance System
The Destination Floor Guidance System (DFGS) reduces overall travel time for users in applications with multiple elevator banks. This is achieved by grouping riders by common destination to reduce overall stops. More on DFGS...

Elegant Fixtures
As a company famous for custom design, Fujitec offers a wide variety of fixtures designed to meet your needs for aesthetics, usability, prestige and style. Designs include eco-friendly LED lighting that never burns out, structurally non-invasive mounting, hall lanterns with adjustable volume and low maintenance materials. For additional architectural design options, please contact your local Fujitec sales representative.