As one manufacturer in the industry whose resources are 100% focused on vertical transportation and whose integrated capabilities include development, designing, engineering, manufacturing, installation and service, Fujitec is uniquely capable of providing modernization solutions that can make a dramatic difference–often enhancing the functionality, aesthetics and value of older buildings.

Whether it’s a complete equipment replacement or a fixture upgrade, our modernization packages update your current equipment with the industry’s latest technology.

Fujitec modernizes all brands of equipment
Flexibility in our design capabilities allow us to apply advanced technology to aging systems originally built by Fujitec and our competitors. This process can improve your tenants’ comfort and satisfaction as well as extend equipment life, save energy, enhance aesthetics, improve safety and meet local building codes. Fujitec also has the unique ability to maintain existing equipment while it is being modernized, which many other manufacturers in the industry may not offer.

Fujitec will provide a thorough survey before any decision is made
Prior to starting any modernization it is important to assess your current equipment. Fujitec’s dedicated modernization team will schedule an onsite visit to survey your existing elevator equipment to determine the best approach to your modernization. In fact, you may not even require a full modernization package. During the survey, Fujitec will review the overall safety, performance, accessibility, aesthetic appearance and energy-efficiency of your system.

Fujitec’s state-of-the-art controllers and other components have contributed performance and safety advantages in the modernization of Fujitec equipment, as well as equipment installed by other manufacturers.

Fujitec’s formula for successful modernization programs:

  • Hiring and training skilled employees
  • Developing cutting-edge technology
  • Maintaining unsurpassed technical expertise
  • Installing quality equipment
  • Using effective management and communication skills

Our ultimate goal is your tenants’ satisfaction. We strive to keep your operation running safety and smoothly with no surprise downtime or unplanned repairs.