I'm not sure whether or not my elevator equipment complies with current code and safety standards.

  • In many areas the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) has adopted ASME A17.3, Safety Code for Existing Elevators and Escalators. This code makes the upgrading of elevators and escalators mandatory to meet minimum safety standards. Your local Fujitec representative will work with you to evaluate your existing equipment and to identify areas that require upgrading.
  • Even if your AHJ has not adopted ASME A17.3, we recommend that you have your equipment evaluated in order to reduce risks of accidents and to ensure the safety of your tenants and building visitors.
  • If your equipment does not comply with code, the AHJ could lock your equipment out of service. When serious violations that pose a potential danger to passengers are discovered, elevators can be deemed unsafe for use and subsequently taken out of service until the issues are remedied. Correcting these unexpected problems can be much more costly as well as create inconveniences and disruption in service.
  • Planned modernizations can minimize the inconveniences as well as curb the cost of urgent repairs that simply put a patch on larger system issues.
  • As more and more jurisdictions adopt and enforce the accessibility guidelines (American's with Disabilities Act, ADA Accessibility Guidelines, A117.1 Standard for Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities) it is becoming more important to make sure your elevator units meet the standards outlined in these guidelines.
  • A Fujitec modernization will modify your elevator system to meet the accessibility guidelines by placing push buttons at the appropriate height, adding tactile Braille as needed, and providing compliant visual and audible signals, just to name a few.

I have frequent complaints from passengers regarding poor ride quality, unusual noise or elevators not leveling properly.

  • Ride comfort, safety issues, rider confidence and dated technology can be remedied with a Fujitec elevator modernization.
  • Replacement or refurbishment of the major systems in your elevator, such as controls, door operators and hoist machines/motors can improve the overall performance of your elevator(s) to like new or in many cases even better than new.
  • New, properly adjusted, roller guides can dramatically improve your ride quality and make for poorly aligned guide rails. Variable Voltage motor control produces step-less acceleration, which eliminates a jumpy or jerky ride. Closed-loop door control produces smooth, consistent and adjustable opening and closing of your car and entrance doors. These enhancements are only three improvements among many others that Fujitec can make to greatly improve the overall operation of your elevators and make for an unsurpassed passenger experience.

My elevators shut down often.

  • Elevator system components can become unreliable due to the combination of improper, insufficient or lack of maintenance and years of use.
  • When devices fail your elevator can shut down completely causing long wait times and even entrapments.
  • Frequent and repetitive shutdowns are symptomatic of elevators in dire need of a modernization.
  • In buildings as with single elevators, shut downs become extremely problematic with tenants and they are forced to use the stairs while repairs are being made and return it to service in an expedient schedule. You can rely on Fujitec to keep your elevator running smoothly while any modernization/repair is being made.

I find myself making frequent calls for service.

  • Service calls due to malfunctioning or elevators shutting down can be very costly and inconvenient.
  • The more outdated your elevator system becomes the more likely it is you will see extended periods of down time due to difficultly procuring parts for correcting issues.
  • Dated equipment will many times be excluded from full maintenance contracts, which can lead to high cost, billable repairs. When equipment is no longer supported by the OEM, it can be difficult or impossible to find a source for replacement parts. Obsolete equipment is almost never included in a full maintenance contract, so when problems arise you will be required to cover the cost for not only the expensive components, but the labor for the repairs as well.
  • Fujitec is well known for producing equipment that outlasts its competitors, but also for maintaining and supporting equipment much longer than the industry average. Fujitec currently maintains several original installations that are approaching 30 years of use.

I've lost tenants or am concerned about losing tenants to other buildings in my area that have been recently updated, constructed or proposed.

  • An elevator modernization should be considered along with any other improvements made to a building to attract new tenants.
  • New hall and car fixtures can serve the purpose of meeting the latest elevator and ADA code requirements, as well enhancing the look and feel of your elevator system.
  • If the architecture in your building has changed over the years, but your elevator finishes are original, an elevator modernization is the perfect opportunity to bring your system into the overall architectural scheme of your building.
  • Elevator cab interior replacement is a great way to give your elevator a quick make over that will dramatically improve the aesthetics of the interior of your elevator.

My elevator equipment is showing signs of age, or is over 10 years old.

  • Many major elevator manufacturers recommend modernizing elevator equipment in as few as 10 years. Fujitec strives for an efficient, maintainable and upgradeable operating elevator system with a long life span.
  • Fujitec has several installations that are 30 plus years old which still perform as well as products our competitors are currently installing. These include cutting-edge dispatching systems that rival systems currently available in today's market.
  • Fujitec's state-of-the-art technology combined with our proven track record of modernizing all brands of equipment will provide years of highly-efficient and reliable elevator service.

I would like my tenants to experience a safer, smoother, more comfortable ride.

  • Elevator technology has continued to evolve throughout the years. Variable frequency motor control, closed-loop operation, infra-red door screens, along with countless other innovations have made the elevator experience much more comfortable and reliable.
  • Fujitec has a world-wide reputation for providing the smoothest elevator ride in the vertical transportation industry.

My elevator cabs look out-of-date and worn.

  • Elevator cab interior replacement is a great way to give your elevator a quick make over that will dramatically improve the aesthetics of the interior of your elevator.
  • Fujitec offers a variety of complete cab and door operator replacement options and will work with you on a customized plan that is within your budget.
  • Fujitec will focus on compliance for additional cab weight, which is often times overlooked. Although this does not enhance the aesthetics of your cab, Fujitec will ensure that your elevator cab complies with all code requirements regarding allowable additional cab weight.
  • If the architecture in your building has changed over the years, but your elevator finishes are original an elevator modernization is the perfect opportunity to bring the elevator into the overall architectural scheme of your building.

My tenants often complain about lengthy wait time for an elevator.

  • Advances in elevator dispatching have greatly reduced the average time spent waiting for elevators. Fujitec is the technological leader for destination-based technology and can provide you with a variety of customized solutions for your elevator system.
  • Fujitec's predictive technologies, such as Fuzzy Logic, Nueros, and Artificial Intelligence have the capability of staging elevators throughout the building to reduce wait times. As traffic patterns change during the day, Fujitec's advanced dispatching will make adjustments in order to maximize the efficiency of your elevator group.
  • Mornings, lunch, and evenings can be especially high traffic times. With up-peak and down-peak booster operation these periods of the day can be handled with very little impact to the average wait times.
  • In buildings with extremely high-traffic destination-based dispatching may even further improve round trip times by grouping passengers by their destination floors. Read more on Fujitec's destination-based systems...

I would like the elevators in my building to be more energy efficient.

  • Fujitec's next generation Millennium™ control system, Viridian, is an eco-friendly option for your elevator that will provide your tenants with excellent ride quality and dependability, consistent with and far exceeding previous systems.
  • Many existing elevator systems use inefficient motor generator sets to provide motion control to your elevator. Static drive systems improve energy consumption by up to 40% in some cases over motor generators.
  • Excess energy that used to be wasted as heat into the machine room can now be converted back to a form that can be placed back onto the electrical grid. This not only saves you in your baseline electrical use, but you may also see reduction in the amount of energy you spend cooling your elevator machine room.
  • The latest LED technology will save energy over the traditional incandescent bulbs, and you will also see complete elimination of frustration with no more burnt out bulbs.
  • Fujitec's state-of-the-art dispatching logic will minimize passenger wait times and reduce any unnecessary trips of empty elevators.
  • Speak to one of Fujitec's LEED Accredited Professionals on staff to see how they can support your green initiatives.

I received a quotation to modernize my elevator equipment, but the price seemed high.

  • Fujitec specializes in customizing modernization plans specific to your needs. In fact, many times a full modernization may not be required. Fujitec will fully evaluate your needs by visiting you on-site and completing a thorough equipment survey.
  • Fujitec will discuss all the modernization options in detail with you before any decisions are made and will also set priorities within your budget.

I need a customized modernization plan to meet my budget and schedule.

  • Each installation and project is different. At Fujitec, we are able to provide flexible packages customized to your specific needs.
  • Fujitec is extremely flexible when it comes to scheduling and we are willing to work around any daily schedule. Fujitec strives to limit interruptions in service during the interim period while cars are being modernized and will try to avoid any noisy work during peak hours or in heavy traffic flow.
  • Whether you are interested in simply upgrading your system to meet current code and safety requirements, or if you are looking to completely revitalize the look and feel of your elevator, Fujitec can provide you with the modernization plan that is right for you.
  • Upon completion of your modernization, Fujitec also offers the best Service/Maintenance programs in the industry.