How It Works

Fujitec’s innovative Viridian Destination system, known as the Destination Floor Guide System (DFGS), is designed to save your tenants time operating as an enhancement to a proven elevator control system.

In a conventional system, waiting passengers all rush to the first available elevator. This often results in the car stopping at several floors, increasing overall travel time. With Fujitec’s state-of-the-art DFGS, passengers are grouped by common destinations to minimize the number of stops. Thus, trips are shorter, crowds disappear and the elevator gets your tenants where they need to be faster.

DFGS is designed to increase group handling capabilities in high-traffic lobbies and other unique circumstances. The purpose of this destination dispatch technology is to group passengers in a car to a common destination floor via the lobby input panel (self standing Kiosk or wall-mounted unit). The request will be processed by Fujitec’s neuros powered artificial intelligence computer and a message is displayed directing the user to ride a specific car. As the passenger enters the car, their destination floor is verified by either the illumination of the car panel button or via a message display.

For further information on Fujitec’s Viridian DFGS, please contact your local Fujitec sales representative.