Leading-Edge “New Elevator Research Tower” To Be Constructed

Leading-Edge “New Elevator Research Tower” To Be Constructed



Langfang Hebei Province, China (April 25, 2012) –Huasheng Fujitec Elevator Co., Ltd. (Huasheng Fujitec hereinafter; Head Office: Langfang, Hebei Province, China; President: Keiji Tsuyama), which is a subsidiary of Fujitec Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Hikone-shi, Shiga, Japan; CEO: Takakazu Uchiyama) will construct a new elevator research tower on the site of the Huasheng Fujitec Head Office in order to further strengthen its technology development in response to China’s demand for taller and larger buildings. On April 5, 2012, a grand ground-breaking ceremony for the new elevator tower was held and was attended by more than 200 participants including Mr. Li Shoulin (Chairman of the China Elevator Association), others connected with the Chinese elevator industry, media representatives, and CEO Takakazu Uchiyama and President Keiji Tsuyama of Fujitec.

The elevator research tower being newly erected will rise 151 meters (500 feet) above ground, with ‘151’ reflecting that 2012 marks the “15th anniversary” of Huasheng Fujitec production in China and its aim to become the “No. 1” elevator manufacturer in China. The tower form represents a fully blooming flower which symbolizes the company’s development towards the future.

Rendering of New Elevator Research Tower

In this tower, the development of new generation elevators, as well as tests for comfort, functionality, safety and reliability of elevators will take place in order to meet the requirements of high-rise buildings such as “Wangjing SOHO,” a large office and retail complex (with a total of 142 elevators and escalators) in Beijing that Huasheng Fujitec has been recently awarded. The opening of the new elevator research tower is scheduled for August 2013.

Ground-Breaking Ceremony for New Elevator Research Tower

Huasheng Fujitec

Huasheng Fujitec is a specialized elevator manufacturer established through a joint venture with Chinatex Corp. in December 1995 in Langfang, Hebei Province, on the outskirts of Beijing.

Since the launch of full-scale operations in July 1997, the company has been increasing its production in response to the booming market demand in China.

The company has been expanding its production system while significantly increasing its production capacity with the completion of the Second Plant in 2002.

Langfang Head Office of Huasheng Fujitec

Recent Major Orders Received & Projects Completed by Huasheng Fujitec

• Receipt of an order for a total of 142 elevators & escalators for the large office & retail complex “Wangjing SOHO” in Beijing
• Delivery of 77 elevators to a large residential, office and retail complex “Sanlitun SOHO” in Beijing
• Delivery of 28 luxury elevators to “The Peninsula Shanghai” in Shanghai
• Delivery of 189 elevators to the “Anqiao East Castle International Garden” in Shandong Province
• Delivery of  248 elevators to a large-scale housing development project in Anshan, Liaoning Province

Shanghai Fujitec City

In addition to Huasheng Fujitec, Fujitec has three other Chinese subsidiary companies on a 150,000 m2 site in the Song Jiang Industrial Zone of Shanghai City, China. Together, these four Chinese subsidiaries work in close cooperation to develop innovative products and coordinated business activities.

Fujitec Shanghai R&D Center, Fujitec Shanghai Sourcing Center, and Shanghai Huasheng Fujitec Escalator (from left to right)

Shanghai Huasheng Fujitec Escalator

Shanghai Huasheng Fujitec Escalator Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Huasheng Fujitec Escalator) is a specialized manufacturer of escalators and moving walks that was established through a joint venture with Chinatex Corp. in December 2001. Escalators and moving walks produced here are supplied not only to the domestic market but also to all Fujitec global companies.

Shanghai Sourcing Center

Fujitec Shanghai Sourcing Center Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Sourcing Center) was established as a production and supply base of major elevator equipment and parts in September 2006. In addition to major elevator equipment and parts, it produces global standard machine-room-less elevators, “ML-GS,” thus strengthening and expanding the supply chain for global bases.

Shanghai R&D Center

Fujitec Shanghai Technologies Co., Ltd. (Shanghai R&D Center) was established as the base for cutting-edge R&D on elevators and escalators in December 2003. The Center focuses on the improvement of technologies from a global viewpoint, including the development of major equipment/systems, studies of safety measures, and vibration and noise studies related to elevators and escalators.


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( Publicized on May 15, 2012)